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Coconut Fiber

Naturally made from the husk of coconut, our cocofiber is versatile for any needs. In some countries the organic fiber is a coarse material that is used to make variety of handicraft such as mats, and even furniture. The coco fiber can be further processed to create any other product derivation with abundant benefits for planting and construction. We manufacture and export our coco fiber to be fully conscious of the environment to ovoid any burning or blockage.


Coconut Sugar

Healthier and tastier, the coconut sugar is superiorly better than any artificially made sweetener. Unlike sugarcane that only produces sugar for every harvest, the coconut tree produces up to 75% more sugar within 20 years of its lifetime. Its nutritional value with no preservatives or additive, give a good reputation for coconut sugar alternative. The coconut sugar is uprooted from the ambrosia of coconut flower. It has iron calcium potassium as well as polyphenols and antioxidant that are beneficial for health. Currently popular for beverage sweetener and baking. Coconut sugar uniquely contain inulin that is also safe for diabetic


Coco Peat

Our high quality coconut coir products are multipurpose for many needs. Cocopeat is an excellent material for household items, gardening and animal beddings due to its fibrous nature and high water holding capacity. While the cocopeat decomposes at very slow rate, when its ages correctly the peat may hold sodium and potassium as well.


Virgin Coconut Oil

Known for its health benefits. The Virgin Coconut Oil is a nature’s gift extracted from premium mature coconut. The Virgin Coconut Oil is high in Medium Chain Fatty Acid (MFCA) that has similar properties to breast milk, contains Medium Cain Triglyceride (MCTs) to increase energy, and is free from genetically modified organisms (GMO). It is chemical free and has abundant of positive effect of health, such as weigh loss, better brain function, and preventing infections. It is even more purposeful for its medical properties, which are known to heal Alzheimer’s and reduce heart diseases. This all natural oil is also good supplement for skin care or even add flavor to beverages.  

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